The government shutdown is now in its 34th day. As it stretches on, more organizations and businesses are stepping forward to help furloughed workers and others affected by the shutdown. We’ve got details on the assistance that is available this morning. Hoping for third parties to step in and help is something parents of the Philly school system know well, as a recent library fundraiser made all too clear. A victory for one school was a reminder of what others have lost.

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Earlier this month, Bache-Martin Elementary in Fairmount celebrated the re-opening of its library after a $90,000 fundraising campaign.

While putting books in children’s hands is always something to celebrate, for many, the occasion made plain the divisions between the haves and have-nots of Philly schools.

In whiter, wealthier neighborhoods, parents fundraise for new playgrounds and to support staff salaries. Under-resourced schools are left to make do with that they have.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers across the U.S. are currently going without pay, so local organizations and businesses are providing everything from food to financial help.

Some federal workers gathered quietly for emergency food distribution in South Philadelphia Wednesday, describing themselves as grateful but “humiliated.”

The Senate will vote on legislation to end the shutdown today but are unlikely to come away in agreement. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has agreed to postpone the State of the Union address until the government reopens.

January was a good month for many working in healthcare in the Philly region. Thousands of low-wage workers got a raise and more will follow next month.

That means food service staffers, custodians, and patient service reps at five area hospitals will all be making at least $15 an hour.

It seems the trend has caught on so hospitals can attract workers. But there’s plenty more to know about the “Fight for $15.”

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