Philly GOP votes to let Daphne Goggins keep mayoral endorsement
Philadelphia's Republican ward leaders, after days of strife over the endorsement last week of Goggins for mayor, met Monday night - and voted to change nothing.

Another false alarm: Neither Bryce Harper nor Manny Machado took part in Phillies’ first full-squad workout
More false alarms sounded as the Phillies and other major-league teams continued their endless pursuit of the coveted free agents.

Official: Deputy AG Rosenstein expected to depart in March
A Justice Department official says Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his position in the middle of next month.

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As trade rumors swirl, Wayne Simmonds enjoying what may be his final days with Flyers

The Feb. 25 trade deadline is approaching, but the Flyers' current hot streak has kept the 30-year old forward from worrying about it.

‘It’s cool and it's annoying’: What happens when dad’s in the band

Boone has taken precocious players under his wing in the past, but this one is special: 12-year-old Mekhi Boone is not only a promising drummer, he’s bassist’s youngest son.

Temple to offer new scholarship to help students graduate

The university announced the $1.5 million program Monday. Some aid will be provided to incoming students and the rest to current students, close to graduation, who need help to complete their degree.

Can you teach students to be happy? Colleges are trying.

Can colleges address mental health problems in students before they begin? Teach students to be more resilient, mentally healthier, maybe even happier?

Young man shot dead after vigil for teen slain on the same street

Hours later, two teen girls were wounded in separate shootings.

Philly narcotics cops turned suspects into off-the-books confidential informants. Now, defense lawyers want to know more.

“There’s strong evidence to show that this is a pattern, and if you shine enough light it would show there’s a bigger problem here.”

Newspaper ads placed by former slaves seeking missing relatives to be read on stage at Villanova

A cast of 75 will bring to life the voices of mothers searching for their children, husbands for their wives, daughters and sons for their parents, siblings for each other.
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