I hope you've recovered, relaxed and recharged yourself for another week, because there are two big meetings happening today that you'll be hearing more from us on. Mayor Kenney is hoping to quell the backlash to the city's sudden decision to pull the Made in America Festival from the Parkway by talking with Jay-Z's entertainment company to figure out the next steps. While this meeting is going on, Vice President Mike Pence will be in town supporting Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta as he tries to unseat Democrat Bob Casey in a pivotal midterm election season this November. The last time Pence was here, protesters gathered in Rittenhouse Square. We've also dug up some discouraging environmental news: plastics and other scraps meant for recycling are ending up in landfills — at a cost to taxpayers.

A loader moves waste and recyclables at Republic Services
MAGGIE LOESCH / Staff Photographer
A loader moves waste and recyclables at Republic Services

We're told recycling is beneficial for our planet. It helps reduce chemicals, greenhouse gasses and overall pollution caused by our waste. It also should save us money, if done correctly.

Except, it's not in Philadelphia. Five years ago, the city was getting paid $65 a ton by contractors for recyclables, our environmental reporter Frank Kummer reports. Now, it's paying out $38 a ton. This change has not gone unnoticed. It was an issue raised to us through Curious Philly, our new question-and-response forum that allows readers to connect with our reporters and submit questions about their community

Our investigation led Frank to figure out what suddenly changed, and how Philadelphians can get back on track to being rewarded for being conscious about our carbon footprint.

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Vice president Mike Pence is back in Philadelphia today, this time stumping for Republican Lou Barletta.

Pence hopes his presence and endorsement will help Barletta, who's behind in both polls and fund-raising, gain momentum on Senator Bob Casey heading into the midterms. Pence was in the city nearly a month ago for a private fund-raiser to support Scott Wagner, the GOP nominee for Pennysvlania's governor.

His previous trip didn't result in the warmest welcome, as hundreds of protesters gathered outside and called for an end to the Trump administration's controversial immigration policy of separating children from their parents at the southern border.

Mayor Kenney is trying to remedy his office's controversial decision to remove the Made in America festival from the Parkway. When news came out that the festival would need to find a new location after this year, it caught everyone off guard – including Jay-Z and the festival's organizers.

The music mogul wrote an op-ed for The Inquirer lambasting the mayor for taking such direct action without including his entertainment company, Roc Nation, at the table.

Now the mayor is trying to mitigate the damage by meeting with Roc Nation to figure out where the festival should be held next year – assuming it stays in Philadelphia at all. The Associated Press reported that Milwaukee officials sent a letter to Roc Nation last week inviting Jay-Z to bring his festival to their city.

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