After the Sixers’ heartbreaking loss to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday night, an emotional Joel Embiid was caught on national television crying and being comforted by his girlfriend, model Anne De Paula.

“It’s going to be a life memory, that, as painful as it feels now, it’ll help him,” Sixers coach Brett Brown told reporters after the game. “It’ll help shape his career, it’ll help give him greater clarity about what this time of the year represents. … To see him have the emotion that he has … it is painful for all of us … he’ll look in the rearview mirror and remember this.”

One viewer who wasn’t moved by Embiid’s tears was former Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner, an analyst for NBA Sports Philadelphia. On Monday, Joyner wrote on Twitter that it wasn’t a good look for Embiid to be captured on national television crying on an opponent’s court.

“Cry in the locker room or home! The world doesn’t have to witness your tears to know you care!” Joyner wrote.