JJ Redick is showing a different side of himself in his podcast this week.

The Sixers shooting guard switched up his guest list this week to bring on David Solomon, who he mentioned last year in a GQ article was a dream guest of his. Solomon was recently named Goldman Sachs CEO. He also has a side hustle as a DJ.

Redick first met Solomon two years ago during a Goldman Sachs tech and media panel in Napa, Calif. Redick spoke on the panel and the two have kept in touch ever since.

Redick spoke to Solomon about his leadership practices and how millennials take to the “what’s next” approach in the work place rather than taking in the moment. Redick hinted at pursuing a job in media or in an NBA front office when his playing career ends.

"As I get closer and closer to the end point. I’m not there yet but as I get closer I think about it more and more. And part of me recognizes the sort of equity I have in the basketball world, " said Redick. Redick acknowledged that because of his dedication to basketball he hasn’t been afforded the time to explore other outlets outside of basketball. The 34-year-old says he is an intellectual and has also thought of doing something completely unique and unrelated to basketball.

Solomon offered him some personal advice, plugging the fact that he DJ’s to take his mind off his grueling work schedule.

“The ability to see the music influence people and see people respond to it. It was cool," said Solomon.

Two words Redick will not forget that Solomon imparted on him over dinner last year: diligence and discipline. Solomon says those two words are transferable in anything he chooses to do in life. He told Redick you have to be intentional and purposeful in whatever you choose to do.

“It’s not just about success in your career. It’s about success in your life. And really having a life that is rich and fulfilling,” said Solomon.