TWO MONTHS ago, Allen Iverson filed a motion to dismiss his pending divorce case, claiming he and his wife were reconciling.

That, most likely, is no longer the case.

According to, the former NBA star is accusing his wife, Tawanna, of tearing his house apart earlier this month while he was out of the country.

According to the website, Allen claims that Tawanna took memorabilia, furniture, art, and a large amount of cash out of his home in Atlanta.

The website reported that Allen has filed legal documents in Georgia, claiming he is being harassed. And, he wants to have Tawanna arrested until she returns the items.

According to TMZ, the judge had not yet ruled on the case.

A real kitchen aid

If you have an upscale kitchen, chances are it includes granite countertops, a fancy island, and top-of-the-line appliances.

But we doubt you have what DeShawn Stevenson has in his kitchen — an ATM machine.

Stevenson, who plays for the renamed Brooklyn Nets, recently released a photo on Twitter that shows what appears to be a working cash machine.

Which isn't surprising considering that he really is one of those guys who has everything, including a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln on his neck.

We don't know if he pays a transaction fee when he used the ATM. But we do know that it's cool. Very, very cool.

This just in

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart, claiming he needed closure, officially retired on Wednesday. That's more than a bit odd considering he hasn't played in an NFL game for nearly 7 years.

Date to remember

It was on this date in 1983 that the 76ers beat the Lakers to win NBA championship in four games.

Moses Malone had 24 points and 23 rebounds to lead the Sixers, who won 115-108. Julius Erving scored 21 points, Andrew Toney had 23 and Mo Cheeks had 20 with six assists.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar led the Lakers with 28 points. n

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