SAMUEL L. JACKSON, is as entertaining on Twitter as he is on the big screen.

The actor, whose movie credits include "Pulp Fiction" and "Jungle Fever," deserves a gold medal for his Olympic tweets.

Most of them can't be shown here because they contain excessive, oddly spelled profanity. But we're providing a sample to give you an idea of Jackson's enthusiasm for the London Games.

We can't prove it, but one of the tweets hinted that he may be a Daily News reader. When Havertown's Brendan Hansen won his fifth Olympic gold medal our back-page headline on Monday was "The Shiniest Bronze."

Proving once again that great minds think alike, Jackson tweeted:

"Hansen gets a lil' revenge, comeback was worth it. "Shiniest Bronze medal you'll ever see."

Jackson also noticed that NBC's Craig Sager wasn't dressed in his usual colorful and flamboyant manner.

"Craig Sager is wearing NORMAL clothes!!!," wrote Jackson, "There has to be Olympic Pimp Gear available, I saw the opening ceremony."

Jackson also seemed to like a water sport besides swimming, writing:

"Water Polo!!! As dope as always!"

Sadly, he couldn't get into boxing.

"BORING!" he wrote. "Might need to change to UFC/MMA style to draw interest!"

There was also another sport he didn't like too much.

"Prolly gon fall asleep to that White Water Kayaking," he wrote.

For Jackson's uncensored tweets, check out @SamuelLJackson on Twitter.

You are what you eat

Olympic athletes have to take in a lot of calories while training and competing — as many as 4,000 to 6,000 a day.

That said, it's not how much they eat, but what they eat that's surprising.

The New York Times surveyed Olympic trainers and reported that many top athletes scarf down Pop-Tarts, candy bars, pizza, ice cream and beer.

Which only means one thing: Our Olympic dream is still alive.

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