Eagles head coach Chip Kelly met with the media Monday following the team's 15-7 loss to the Giants.

As expected, the first question asked was about the health of the team's quarterbacks.

"Nick [Foles] was in this morning and met with [head athletic trainer] Chris [Peduzzi] and [head team physician] Dr. [Peter] DeLuca," Kelly said. "We're expecting results [of the imPACT test] back today. Mike [Vick] went and got an MRI. Nick got imPACT testing and is in the process of meeting doctors."

Kelly did not give any indication as to who will start at quarterback on Sunday when the team travels to Oakland to face the Raiders.

"I'm gonna wait until the determination [from the doctors], but Mike did not seem like he would be ready this week. We'll see when we sit down and visit with him after they get the final result."

And the loss to the Giants?

"No matter what level you coach at, losing is tough to absorb because ultimately that's not what we're trying to do. There's obviously, at the college level, you could just look at the difference. There's haves and have-nots. Every week is a battle [in the NFL], but I think that's the exciting part about being here."

Kelly didn't blame third-string QB Matt Barkley for a poor performance, but rather a lack of reps with the first team.

"I don't think Matt played poorly. He made a bad mistake at the end of the first half and he knows he made a mistake. But there's aspects of that performance that you can build on. I think he's got a bright future.

"I think we've got to evaulate how he goes in there," Kelly continued. "It's not different from when Nick went in against the Giants. That's just the diffcult thing, your No. 2 quarterback isn't going to get a lot of reps during the week. That's just how you have to deal with it."

With the offense struggling mightly the last two weeks, Kelly dispelled the notion that teams have "figured them out."

"I don't think people have it figured out," Kelly said. "I could tell you what Peyton Manning's going to do, but you have to stop him. It's about executing. You're not going to surprise people eight games into a season. We have to hit the hole if the hole is there, we have to create the hole if the hole's not there.

"The Giants played us a little bit differently [this time around]. I don't think it's a trend though. One week someone is going to have a better week than someone else is. I think that's part of it, everybody stepping up and everybody pulling their weight, so to speak."

Kelly also addressed the team's poor performance on the ground the last few weeks.

"LeSean [McCoy], to his credit, is his own worst critic," Kelly said. "I think, at times, because of LeSean's competitiveness, he's trying to hit a home run on every play."

The coach said that the team needs to do a better job as a group, and that they have "got to go back to doing the little things."

One positive Kelly took away from Sunday's loss was the performance of his defensive unit, giving special credit to the team's run defense, which he called "outstanding."