IKNOW WE have freedom of speech and the press in this country, but does that mean you have to publish such disingenuous tripe as Georgia Makiver's Sept. 27 letter

"A League of His Own"


OK. We get it. She doesn't like President Obama. But come up with some legitimate criticisms at least. And why lessen the criticism by insisting it was black conservatives who criticized Obama first? If her criticisms are valid, she won't need that support as the evidence will stand on its own. Besides, who says the black conservatives were correct?

But Ms. Makiver, it's your evidence that makes me wonder. You quote Tom Sowell and Walter Williams. Who are they? And are you sure calling someone "glib" is really an insult?

Puzzled, I took the liberty of looking up Ms. Makiver's past letters on Philly.com, and discovered she's a serial quoter of people I'm not entirely certain she's heard of and she uses their statements out of context to support her often ridiculous opinions.

She's quoted everyone from Dwight Eisenhower to Charles De Gaulle, from the lively Mexican President Felipe Calderón to the amazingly dense conservative columnist George Will.

But when it comes to finding a noted black American political intellectual who doesn't like Obama, the best she can dig up is Jimmy "J.J." Walker, the TV actor from the '70s show "Good Times," who made a name for himself with the annoying catchphrase "Dy-No-Mite!" What's the matter, Georgia? Wasn't Lawrence Hilton Jacobs available?

Michael McGonigle, Philadelphia

nolead begins

What next? Bin Laden?

We should be grateful that Charles Manson and Bin Laden don't play football or the "starved and desperate" Eagles fans would obviously forget what they did and cheer for them right along with puppy-pounder Michael Vick. How pathetic when winning is more important than human decency.

Deborah Gosner, Philadelphia