More charges could be filed in a Bucks County case involving the sale of marijuana-laced brownies at a middle school, police said Tuesday.

Jacob Francisco, 18, a Bensalem High School senior, was charged Monday with selling five brownies for $40 to a middle school student, who then sold them to classmates. Bail was set at a steep $100,000. Other juveniles might be charged, officials said.

The distribution of marijuana-laced brownies at Robert K. Shafer Middle School affected children, a handful of whom ate the brownies, said Bensalem police.

The case was unusual because the "network of brownie sales" involved younger students and is the only such incident in recent memory, said Deputy Director of Public Safety Pat Ponticelli.

"The reason that we took it so seriously is because he wasn't just selling the brownies to individual customers, he was selling them to someone else who was then selling them," Ponticelli said.

Francisco was jailed after failing to post the bail set by District Judge Michael W. Gallagher.