Meagan Prime and Angelina Jacob

March 4, 2017 in Wilmington

Hello there

At a bar in Moosic, Pa., in February 2010, Meagan saw a woman who did not look well. At all.

"Are you OK?" she asked. The woman – Angelina – muttered something about how she'd be fine. Meagan gave her a bottle of water. Angelina said little in response.

Deducing there was nothing wrong with this woman that wouldn't be fixed by time, Meagan saw no reason to keep not-really-talking to someone who wanted to be left alone. She turned to walk back to her friends.

"Wait," Angelina blurted out. "I've been waiting for you. Can I have your number?"

Meagan gave it to her – a fact she still can't believe.

The next morning, Angelina couldn't either. The usually-not-a-big-drinker also couldn't believe her friends kept buying her drinks that she somehow felt obligated to drink. She couldn't believe how bad those drinks made her feel. And she really couldn't believe that the beautiful woman she'd spotted weeks before – the one who was the reason she kept returning the same night each week – had finally reappeared and approached her at her absolute worst.

"I figured the number she gave me was fake, but I had to try," Angelina said. "I called her to apologize."

When Meagan, who is now 29, answered the phone, Angelina, now 28, said she was so sorry for everything, and asked whether she could take her to dinner the next Friday to make it up to her.

Dinner didn't happen because a massive snowstorm did. The movie theater was open, though. They talked through the pre-movie ads.

Angelina, who grew up in the Bustleton section of Philadelphia, shared that she had moved to South Carolina in 2007. Then in 2009, in need of a quiet, supportive place to heal after a long-term relationship soured, she moved to Gouldsboro, Pa., with her dad, Keith. She transferred from an ITT Tech in South Carolina to one in Dunmore to continue her studies in drafting and design. And, she made it clear, she was not ready for a serious relationship.

That was just fine with Meagan, also fairly newly out of a failed relationship. She grew up in Wilmington, had been struggling with depression, and moved to the mountains, in Old Forge, Pa., for a change of scenery. "I thought getting away would help me, and it did," she said. She was then studying nursing at  Penn State Worthington Scranton.

When the movie ended, they found an open Dunkin' Donuts to keep talking.

"Something with us just clicked," Angelina said, noting that she'd never met anyone so open and honest. "She just laid all of her stuff out on the table, all of her past."

"She was open about her past, too," Meagan said. "It was like, 'This is me, take me or leave me,' and I admired that. She was also so friendly. I could have worn a paper bag and she would have said I was beautiful."

On her way home, Angelina called a friend in South Carolina to tell him about the date. "I'm going to marry her," she told him.

They went out again the next night, and the night after that. On March 4 – about a week after they met – they decided to be exclusive.

"I just love her to pieces," Meagan said of Angelina. "She is so genuine and so loving. She would do anything for anybody. In my past, negative relationships, people have been so critical. She is never like that."

"Meagan is my best friend in the whole world," Angelina said. "I want to be around her all the time, and share everything with her." She is also smitten with her smile.

Meagan lived with Kadie the Sheltie and Teddy the Sheltie mix, and Angelina with black Labrador Philly. "Her dog moved in before she did," Meagan said with a laugh. "She was paying for daycare for her dog, and that didn't make sense to me."

Philly moved in March 11. Angelina followed a month later. Together, the couple adopted Bailey the dachshund.

How does forever sound?

Their three-year relationship anniversary coincided with the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show. Meagan loves the flower show, so Angelina surprised her with tickets and a waterfront hotel room at the Penn's Landing Hilton.

After the show at their hotel room, Meagan returned from freshening up to find her girlfriend kneeling and holding out a ring.

"Are you serious?" Meagan asked loudly.

"I asked her to marry me, and she yelled at me," Angelina remembered. "I started to panic, thinking, 'Oh God, is she going to say no?' "

The weekend full of big expenses had Meagan freaking out over finances. "We were both living paycheck-to-paycheck at that point."

But Meagan took a breath. "Of course, I say yes, because I love her," she said. After a few moments, she asked. "How did you afford this?"

As soon as Angelina told her that, no, they weren't in debt – she'd been saving up for a year – Meagan enjoyed everything.

Meagan graduated soon after and landed her first nursing job at Regional Hospital of Scranton. That May, she surprised Angelina with great seats at a Phillies game, where Meagan offered her a diamond ring that matched her own. "Do you want to marry me, too?" she asked.

"I did not yell; I just said yes!" Angelina said.

The couple and canines moved to Delaware in 2014. Angelina is now an accounting assistant at the ONIX Group in Kennett Square, and Meagan a registered nurse at Union Hospital in Elkton, Md. They recently bought a home in Middletown, Del.

It was so them

On March 4 – the seventh anniversary of their exclusivity – Meagan and Angelina married at the Brantwyn Estate in Wilmington. Angelina was escorted down the aisle by her dad, and Meagan by hers, Michael. The 15-minute ceremony was officiated by Lisa Ramone, a friend of Meagan's mom, Marilyn, and the wife of Delaware State Rep. Mike Ramone. "It was important to us to have something short and sweet, and nothing too fancy," Angelina said. "I like things straight to the point."

Their reception for 130 featured the couple's favorite drink – the bay breeze – and plenty of tunes from the '90s, such as Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop." "We love to dance," Meagan said. They love to eat, too, Angelina said. "We skipped the salads and offered guests a crab cake instead," she said. The meal ended with a selection of desserts, including cheesecake and milk chocolate crème brule.


Angelina and her mom, Danielle, arrived together. "We went upstairs, and, as I started to get my hair and makeup done, all I could think was, 'Wow. I'm getting married! This is happening!' " She and Meagan hadn't seen each other since the previous day – not until Meagan walked down a spiral staircase before the ceremony for their first look.

"When I saw Meagan in her wedding gown, I almost cried because I was so happy that she was going to officially, legally, be my wife," Angelina said.

The moment had a similar affect on Meagan. "That was the moment it was real. How beautiful she looked!" Meagan said. "I thought: This is it. This is us. She's my wife!"

Discretionary spending

A bargain: The couple asked Petal Pushers by Alexis to make bouquets that featured their favorite flower – gerbera daisies – and otherwise use anything in their pink and green wedding colors to create centerpieces within their budget.

The splurge: "We paid a little more for the Brantwyn and for [photographer] Rebecca [Barger], but we couldn't be more happy with the results," Meagan said.


Nine days at Disney World. They came back one day early to avoid a predicted snowstorm at the encouragement of the airline. "Flights were shut down for four days to the Northeast, so thank God we did that!" Angelina said.


Officiant: Lisa Ramone, Newark, Del.

Venue: Brantwyn Estate, part of the DuPont Country Club, Wilmington.

Food: DuPont Country Club.

Music: Synergetic Sound, Bensalem.

Photography: Rebecca Barger Photography, Jenkintown.

Flowers: Petal Pushers Floral Designs by Alexis, Wilmington.

Angelina's dress: David's Bridal, Philadelphia.

Meagan's dress: Watters Too, purchased at Brides & Grooms, Newark, Del.

Planner: Venue coordinator Diane McClosky from DuPont Country Club/Brantwyn Estate.