Diamonds adorning your fingers, wrists, neck, and ears - that's to be expected. But having the gems sprayed all over your body in a brilliant iridescent mist? Try to top that.

The trendlet

Diamond dusting. A tanning expert sprays and then buffs crushed diamonds and mineral powder on the bod, resulting in black-tie- appropriate glitz on the shoulders, back, and décolletage. Red-carpet chic to the highest power!

Where's it come from?

This fashion phenom has two trendy parents: glowing skin and temporary jewelry. Back in the 1990s, sun-kissed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba made shimmering bodies enviable. Guerlain's Coque D'or, a scented glitter spray; spray tans; and Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder kept us luminous. During the recent festival and runway seasons, models wore golden and silver filamentlike applications on their skin as if they were chunky accessories.

Diamond dusting is a meeting in the middle. This year, St. Tropez, an Australian-based cosmetics company, introduced a tanning solution with real diamonds in it. When Adrienne Ritchie, owner of Baked Sunless Tanning in Queen Village, discovered it, she asked St. Tropez if it could make her a separate product - the mineral powder without the tanning agent for optimal glimmer. (Not to mention that tanning agents leave stains, and that's bad news for bridal gowns.)

Who's wearing it?

Other than the vampires in the Twilight movies, Kim Kardashian shimmered on her May wedding day, thanks to a diamond dust tan. But real diamonds in a shimmery cosmetic product is so new, the better question is, who will dare to wear it? I'm guessing that diamond dusting will be a sparkly addition to holiday partyers and ballgoers. And of course, brides.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer is good enough for moi. Unless, of course, I'm the bride - then I'll diamond dust-on.

Should you wear it?

If you don't mind spending the cash. It costs about $125 to dust the décolletage, and $225 for a half-body application. And remember, diamond dusting is like makeup. Once you shower, poof - it's gone.

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