DEAR HARRY: My husband has had three auto accidents since the beginning of the year.

My insurance company wrote telling me that it no longer will renew my policy unless it provided an exclusion for my husband. Taking away his keys will take away his mobility and his independence. Apparently, other companies know of his record and won't cover him. My agent has told me that my present company won't include him, even at a higher premium. Isn't there some way to get liability coverage for him?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: I think your top priority should be his safety. Something clearly is wrong with his driving ability. His life is far more important than the insurance companies' refusal. I realize the tremendous psychological loss when a person can't use the car keys, but unless the difficulties can be eliminated, he should not be behind the wheel.

The insurance companies are giving you a strong warning of the danger in his continuing to drive.

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