It's easier to go green than you might think. And we're here to answer your questions about how to get a green job or live a more green life.

Q: How do I train for a green job?

A: Try the Energy Coordinating Agency at http://www.eca, 215-988-0929, or Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation at http://www., 215-557-2625.

Q: Want to weatherize your home?

A: You may qualify for financial support to get your house retrofitted to make it more efficient. Talk with the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation at 215- 448-3000, or go to http://www.

Q: Looking for a local farmers' market?

A: Your best bet is to try Farm to City at 215-733-9599 or http:// Markets.asp, or the Food Trust at 215-575-0444 or http://www.the

Q: I'd like to help the city become more green. What can

I do?

A: Well, one option is to donate to the city's new carbon-offset program. In a couple of weeks, the city will unveil the "Erase Your Trace" program, which will allow you to make a donation to offset your carbon footprint. Contributions will go towards planting trees in the city. *

- Catherine Lucey