WE ASKED Christine Knapp, executive director of Penn Futures, to send us her Rolodex, or at least the top names of people she consults for her work on sustainable issues. Here's who she's got on speed dial:

Green jobs: Leanne Kreger-Braneky, director of Sustainable Business Network. Convener of the Green Economy Task Force. Kate Houstoun, new Green Jobs coordinator. Fran Pettricione, Philadelphia Area Labor Management. Sally Silver, head of Smart Energy Initiative of SE Pa. Tom Tuffey, director, PennFuture Center for Energy, Enterprise and the Environment. Liz Robinson, Energy Coordinating Agency. Steve Herzenberg, Keystone Research Center. Mark Alan Hughes, Laurie Actman and Elinor Haider in Commerce. Van Jones, Green for All, national green-collar jobs organization. David Foster, head of Blue Green Alliance, collaboration between the Sierra Club and the Steelworkers.

Energy: Roger Clarke, the Redevelopment Fund's Sustainable Development Fund. Www.pennfuture.org, click on Energy, look to right side for "Funding Sources for Projects." Rob Graff, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Lorna Rosenberg, at US EPA runs LOGICS. John Hanger, Pa acting secretary of DEP.

Waste: Recycling Alliance (www.recyclnowphilly.org). David Biddle, Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council. PhillyFreecycle.org. Maurice Sampson, Niche Recycling. Pedal Coop.

Riverfront/Greenway: Penn Praxis. Sarah Thorpe, Delaware River City Corp. Sarah Clark Stuart, Schuylkill River Park Alliance. Patrick Starr/ Spencer Finch, PEC. Joe Syrnick, Schuylkill River Development Corp. East Coast Greenway. Rachel Vassar, PennFutures.

Transportation: Peter Javsicas, PenTrans. Marilyn Wood, 10,000 Friends of Pa. Bev Coleman, Neighborhoods Now. Econsult. Bicycle Coalition, Alex Doty. PhillyCarShare. Zip Car. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. *