Dear Harry

: I own a residential property in the northeast that I have lived in since the mid 1960s. The deed is still in my name and that of my former husband. We were divorced in 1978. We have one daughter who is 50 years old. I'm going to be married shortly, and I want to sell the house. It should bring about $100,000.

My former husband died in 2007 and left no will.

Is there a problem here because of the title or my daughter being my ex's only heir?

What Harry says: Not really. Ordinarily in a divorce, the title to a jointly owned home is changed to one or the other spouse as part of the settlement. It may be that there was such an agreement in your divorce decree that was never followed through. In any event, the likelihood is that your title gives you right of survivorship. This means that you're the sole owner of the house. At the settlement, you may have to offer proof of his death, but your real-estate broker can guide you through this. Your daughter is not involved in any way. *

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