Sunday's eatin' lineup for Burger Brawl is looking good.

For $75, you get to feast all afternoon on two dozen burgers (and drink copious amounts of beer and cocktails) while knowing that all proceeds go toward funding computer labs at Philadelphia schools. Tickets are available here. The event will be held at Fleisher Art Memorial. If you're in the Broad Street Run, this is a great way to replenish lost calories and fluids.

Here is the burger menu, with the exception of George Sabatino's. (Dude must be too busy with setting up the kitchen at Morgan's Pier to disclose his recipe.)

1. Fat Jack's BBQ: Fat Jack's Ultimate Memphis Mauler Burger-  A thick juicy burger made with angus chuck brisket and ribeye, seasoned with our own special blend of seasonings and topped with our homemade mild BBQ sauce, cheddar jack cheese 18-hour hickory smoked texas beef brisket ,Carolina pulled pork, sauteed onions, Kentucky slaw, Memphis dry rub and a dill pickle on top.

2. Good Dog Bar; Good Dog Burger- 1/2 lb ground sirloin stuffed with 1oz. roquefort cheese, topped with caramelized onions served on a toasted brioche bun.

3. The Industry Bar: The Industry Burger - 1/4 lb ground brisket topped with cabbot cheddar, red onion, shredded lettuce, tomato and pickle mayo served on a toasted sesame seed brioche bun.

4. Lucky's Last Chance: PB & Bacon Burger - special blend patty with creamy peanut butter, thick-cut bacon and our homemade jelly on the side

5. Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse: Davio's River Rock Burger-prima donna cheese, crispy onion rings , pickles and Davio's steak sauce

6. Kennett Restaurant: Meredith Herb Beef & Cheddar Burger-ground beef, coriander, onion , mint, marjoram, grated cheddar, ginger ketchup, challah rolls

7. Spencer ETA Burger: Dr. I's Burger-burger on brioche topped with Sabrina's huevos rancheros sauce topped with guacamole, lime sour cream, diced tomato and shredded pepper jack finished with a fried jalapeno

8. Table 31: The South Philthy - 25% short rib, 25% brisket, 25% sirloin, 25% scrapple, topped with pork roll, American Whiz and fried onions served on English muffin

9. South Philadelphia Tap Room: Ham-Ham Burger - grilled burger, melted cheese, pepper mustardo, ham salad, iceberg lettuce, bun

10. Shake Shack: Smoke Shack-cheeseburger topped with Niman Ranch applewood-smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper & shack sauce

11. Barbuzzo: Barbuzzo burger- dry age/ short rib grind, morita chili ketchup , grilled onion, house pickle, bacon, cheddar and little gem lettuce

12. Silk City: Bahn Mi Burger

13. Misconduct Tavern: Homemade Burger - house-ground prime angus, house cured and smoked bacon, house cured pickles, wild flour roll

14. Butcher & Singer: Butcher Burger-10oz. La Frieda burger patty, aged cheddar, russian dressing and bun

15. The Dandelion: The Dandelion Burger - dry-aged ny strip , hanger steak, short rib and chuck, churchill sauce, neuske bacon, gem lettuce, red onion, Brooklyn pickles on a brioche bun

16. The Capital Grille: Wagyu Slider  - wagyu beef, blue cheese, salt and pepper, applewood smoke bacon, blue cheese, Vidalia onion

17. London Grill: The London Burger- 8 oz. Lancaster County ground black angus beef on a toasted english muffin with house made boursin cheese and caramelized onions. Sauces that will be available: chipotle ketchup and sriracha mayo

18. The Corner: Bacon & Blue Burger- Pat La Frieda patties with bacon & onion jam, baby arugula and blue cheese on brioche sliders

19. Alla Spina: Burgamo- Piedamontese beef patty, cheddar cheese, special sauce, pickles, white onion, iceberg lettuce on a sesame seed roll

20. Percy Street Barbecue: Country Ham and Egg Brisket Burger with Vinegar Onions

21. George Sabatino: (Oh, George. How about it?)

Plus burgers by Rouge, The Saint James and 500 Degrees - not part of the voting.