"I was madly in love with her. What possible reason could I have to kill her?"

That's actor Jason Patric in a trailer for Lifetime's The Girl in the Bathtub, the upcoming movie about the 2013 death of  Philadelphia paralegal Julia Law (Caitlin Stasey, Reign), whose body was found in the tub of a condominium belonging to her boyfriend, defense attorney A. Charles Peruto Jr.

Patric's character, identified only as "Chuck" in an IMDB.com cast list, is described in Lifetime's press materials for the Oct. 7 movie as Law's boss, "a prominent Philadelphia lawyer whom she had recently begun dating," and who was interviewed as part of the investigation in to her death.

"But it is soon revealed her boss was just one of three lovers Julia had — raising questions about whether any of them may have had a motive to kill her. So the question remains — who killed Julia Law?"

A grand jury in 2014 found "no evidence of criminal activity" in connection with Law's death.

In an email last month, Peruto told the Inquirer and Daily News that Lifetime's announcement of the movie was the first he was hearing about it. "I don't know how I, or anyone, can be portrayed accurately, since no one in my firm, where she worked daily, myself included, was so much as asked a question," he wrote.

This post has been updated with a new trailer that includes the airdate.