NBC10's Daralene Jones said "I do" this weekend to love Antoine Jamaal Bell. They wed at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, Fla.

Jones started working at NBC10 in January. She originally hails from Chicago, but came to Philly from Orlando, where she met Bell, who still resides there, working as a mechanical engineer for Lockheed Martin.

The couple were engaged in December, on Jones' final night in Orlando before making the move to Philadelphia to work at NBC. Bell, under the guise of a dinner invitation, took Jones to the park where he first told her he loved her. Major aw!

Lucky Jones and Bell even got the New York Times treatment, with a coveted wedding announcement in the Sunday Styles section yesterday. Although Jones decided to go sans-glasses in her Times debut, as a visually challenged lady myself, I love it when she rocks the specs.

'Bridezilla' to have twins

Rob and Remy Maaddi first gained reality fame on We TV's "Bridezillas," then continued their success on spin-off "Marriage Boot Camp," where the Philly couple stood out from others with strained marriages. But could another spin-off be in the cards?

On Friday's extended "Marriage Boot Camp" special, the Maaddis announced they would be having twin girls, definite fodder for another go-round for the Associated Press sportswriter and his gleefully divalicious wife.

"The plan is to have a show next year," Rob told me before the special aired.

Remy is decidedly more excited about the prospect of girls than Rob. "I need my girls," Remy said. "I need to do their hair and nails and dress them all nice."

Remy says she's due in late August, early September (twins have a penchant for arriving early, she explained). She added that her work on the couples-therapy show "Marriage Boot Camp" has given her skills for her parenting future, namely open communication and putting her kids first.

"People tell me all the time how difficult their wives were when they were pregnant. Knowing Remy, she should have been terrifying, but she's been great," Rob said. "I was joking that if all the pregnancies are that simple, I want five kids."

Book beat

Fred Lavner, proprietor of locally themed apparel shop retrophilly.com, celebrates the release of Boom: Comic Confessions of a Boomer Corner Boy, recounting his youth growing up in Southwest Philly and Atlantic City. Lavner's dalliances include running errands for the strippers who performed next to his AC house (he was 7 at the time) and being hired as a 76ers ball boy after he was caught stealing in the locker room while games were played. "We stole Ace Bandages and trainers' tape instead of money and jewelry," Lavner told me of his sticky-fingered days, "but I became legendary for stealing Wilt [Chamberlain]'s jock, which I claimed to use as a hammock."

* Local lawyer Neal Goldstein released his first book, a mystery called Murder and Mayhem in Manayunk, available on Amazon.com. The title broadcasts its setting, but the book actually starts out with a meeting of the local Taliban chapter in an unnamed Middle Eastern locale before switching it up to the northwest neighborhood and other Philadelphia locales. Goldstein's favorite part about writing fiction? "I get to kill people I don't like . . . and I can't be prosecuted," he joked.

* Mystery writer Nancy Martin will release her ninth book in the Blackbird Sister series, Little Black Book of Murder. The mystery series takes place in uber-fancy Philadelphia upper-crust society. The book comes out Aug. 6.


Kristin Korda, a/k/a Miss Maine, got her Philly fill while in town for a recent chat with Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern PA. Korda headed to South Philly to get a bite at Geno's Steaks. She opted for wiz wit.

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