"SUPER TROOPERS 2" is a go, according to Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard, the comedic group behind the cult-classic comedy about Vermont State Troopers and their wacky, oft-substance-filled adventures.

The long-anticipated sequel has been caught up in legal wrangling, but Heffernan and Lemme told me that studio suits have officially given them the green light to continue their stoner saga.

"We've written six drafts of the script, which means we'll have 14 drafts coming," Heffernan, who played the tubby, self-serious Rob Farva in the flick, told me.

Need a Broken Lizard fix before the cameras start rolling? Heffernan and Lemme will perform at Underground Arts on Saturday.

They didn't start as stand-up comics, but they're enjoying how much live performance has allowed them to grow as comedians. The act involves standard stand-up, anecdotes from their movies (including "Beerfest" and the recent "The Babymakers") and audience participation.

The stand-up allows Heffernan and Lemme to get together in between sets, even when they can't get the other Broken Lizard guys to come along. Even though they can't have their buddies with them, the dynamic works for them.

"We actually hate each other," Heffernan said, laughing.

Lemme added: "We're polar opposites. Kevin's our big fellow; I'm the little fellow. We get irritated with each other, and that's funny."

Food Network wannabe

Chad Rosenthal wants to cook America barbecue. The Ambler native is a contestant on the ninth season of "The Next Food Network Star," the show that launched the career of Guy Fieri and Camden's own Aaron McCargo Jr.

The first episode premieres on Food Network at 9 p.m. Sunday. Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay (who will be doing a live cooking demonstration on June 15 at the Music Box theater at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa) will return as judges.

Rosenthal, whose brother Reid Rosenthal was a contestant on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad," doesn't have a background in food.

"I graduated college and went into the business world, did that for 10 years, made money," Rosenthal told me. "But now I'm back to doing what I love and not making money."

Rosenthal's specialty is barbecue, a controversial choice for a Northern boy, but Rosenthal told me he's an expert in the various regional BBQ methods, which he loves studying because it allows him to experiment with his own dry rubs and sauces.

He even says there are some spots up north that could give traditional barbecue meccas a run for their money. His fave Philly spot? Although he misses former South Street spot Ron's Ribs, he's all about Percy Street now.

Gossip bits

Carlos Ruiz will switch sports on Sunday when he heads to North Bowl for Philadelphia Futures' Get in the Game, a charity bowling event to help Philly kids get into college. Along with Ruiz, 6ABC's Rick Williams, Jeff Skversky, Ali Gorman and Amy Buckman; NBC10's John Clark, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz, Christine Maddela and Brittney Shipp; Comcast SportsNet's Leslie Gudel and Marshall Harris; Fox 29's Kerry Barrett; and KYW's Cherri Gregg will help knock down pins for Philly's future. The event isn't open to the public.

Diane Sawyer filmed a report from Strawberry Mansion High School as part of "Hidden America: Our Most Dangerous Schools." The report will air at 6:30 tonight on ABC.

Wanna Wizard?

Readers, because I love you oh-so-much, I've got five two-day passes to check out Wizard World this weekend, courtesy of the summerlong Awesome Fest movie festival. Tweet me @PhillyGossipDN with your favorite '80s flick and use the hashtag #awesomefestatwizardworld.

Awesome Fest has two screenings, complete with celeb appearances, at this year's Wizard World (taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, today through Sunday). On Friday, "Weekend at Bernie's" screens with a Q&A with star Andrew McCarthy, and on Saturday, "Dumb and Dumber" screens with a Q&A with star Lauren Holly.

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