SEPTA is often the easiest punchline for cranky Philadelphians, but after sitting in traffic and squeezing into late Regional Rail trains d, there isn't much we wouldn't give for a 15-minute urine-scented ride on the Broad Street Line.

We've got some obvious options for getting around the region and our colleagues have outlined them here.

But let's get real: After a day or two, even those options are going to feel expensive and cramped and tired. So we humbly present a few more creative choices for how to commute during the SEPTA strike.

1. Rent a surrey 

Biking in the city can be daunting for those that aren't regular two-wheeled commuters. Instead, rent a surrey and carpool (surrey-pool?) with three other coworkers, courtesy of Wheel Fun Rentals, where you can get a double surrey for only $35 an hour. (While Wheel Fun Rentals does run Segway tours, alas, you are not allowed to take Segways off course.) Look we get it, your entire office is going to be jealous of your sweet surrey ride. Appease up to 15 coworkers by renting a pedicycle from Big Red Pedal Tour in which you can go to work and a pubcrawl.

2. Dress up like a garbage collector and hitch a ride

Grab that jumpsuit from the your Ghosterbusters Halloween costume and act like you belong. But, y'know, it's only polite to help out.

Cold weather means you're already in the midst of the hunt for your winter bae. Just make sure that the boo you land on has wheels and can get you to and from work each day. Also, that they're nice and cute or whatever. But mostly: car.

4. Rollerblades

Be honest. You have a pair in the basement. Now is the time to break those bad boys out. Bonus: Nostalgia is big right now, so tell all your millenial coworkers you're just being retro and they'll think you're cool.

5. The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

Hands down one of Philly's best (and oddest events) is the annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. Every year, amateur engineers create behometh vehicles that they barrel down five city blocks. If these man-power machines can handle Trenton Avenue, they can definitely get you to work. In style, no less.

6. Hop on one of those double decker tourist bus

Here's our secret shame: Those double decker tour buses are actually pretty fun. Make like you're from Utah and buy a ticket. Both Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours and Philly Trolley Works will run you $30 for an adult ticket. You can hop on and hop off all day. Sure, you have to follow their out-of-towner-centric route but you might actually learn something about the city on your commute.

7. Hoverboards

You bought one last year, hopped on it once, fell down and never ventured onto the fad toy again, especially after the kids across the street laughed at you so hard. Now's your time for hoverboard redemption.

Have a suggestion for another wacky way to get to work? Share it in the comments.