"THE BIG BANG THEORY" is reportedly the most popular sitcom in the world.

Perhaps the solar system.

It's been translated into more languages than Sheldon knows and generated enough revenue to launch Howard into space or get Raj a girlfriend.

As it is so popular, the actors want to receive just compensation.

At the moment the number being bandied about for just compensation is $1 million per episode, per actor (and it's not as if they were making $8 an episode last year).

That sounds like a lot of money.

It sounds like too much money.

But how do you put a price on being a star of the most popular sitcom in the world? There are only a handful of people on the planet who can make that claim. As they might say on the show, your odds are 1.4 billion-to-one.

And so Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are having a contract dispute with Warner Bros. Television, which makes the show for CBS, and shooting has been delayed.

"I just love being able to answer these questions year after year, primarily because we have successful shows," CBS Entertainment boss Nina Tassler said a few weeks ago. "And when you have successful shows, you have renegotiations. We're feeling very confident that everything will work out. These deals manage to get done somehow miraculously year after year."

The new season of the "Big Bang Theory" starts Sept. 22. Expect to see it on time and expect Parsons, Galecki, Cuoco, Helberg and Nayyar to be very, very, very rich.

Urban decay

It wasn't bad enough that the Keith Urban concert outside Boston on Saturday night had more than 50 people placed in protective custody, more than 40 treated for alcohol-related illnesses, 20 people hospitalized and so much random puking that it looked like an "Animal House" frat party. Now comes news that a 17-year-old girl was raped at the outdoor show.

On the lawn at the Xfinity Center.

In front of concertgoers.

Many of whom took pictures.

"My friend told me to look over there and there was a couple on the ground having intercourse," an unidentified witness told Fox 25 Boston. "So we looked at it, and we took pictures and we thought it was consensual," she said.

CNN reported that the rape ended when a woman in the crowd pushed the alleged attacker off the victim. Fox News reported that when a woman asked the girl if she consented, the girl said no, and police were called.

Sean Murphy, 18, was arrested "a short time later" and charged with rape, police said.

"Officers conducting the investigation were assisted by patrons that had been concerned and took photos and video of the assault on their cellular phones," the Mansfield police statement said. "Those phones are being processed to recover the digital evidence of the assault."

Murphy's lawyer claimed no rape took place.

"Put simply, this was a consensual act, not a sexual assault," he said. "There are no allegations of force or violence against him. This was a private act that regrettably occurred in a public place. Mr. Murphy deeply regrets this incident and I am sure the young woman does as well. The young woman was neither intoxicated nor overcome by drugs at the time. Mr. Murphy has no criminal history whatsoever."

Police reported both Murphy and the woman had been drinking.

As for Urban, it appears he had no idea what was going on. He told fans via YouTube: "Gosh, up on the lawn tonight, that was nutso. It was so cool."

Yeah, not so much.

TATTBITS * Jeff Herman and Mark Gallagher, the lawyers for ex-child model Michael Egan III, who's accused "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of sex abuse, said Tuesday that they want to get off the case. Gallagher and Herman said in their filing that their relationship with Egan "has broken down completely and cannot be repaired." They say they no longer talk to Egan except through a new lawyer. The lawyers said they could not say why except under seal. That doesn't sound good. * NBC announced yesterday that Allison Williams will play the boy who refused to grow up in the network's "Peter Pan Live!" telecast to air Dec. 4. Williams is the daughter of NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who, alas, will not play Captain Hook. That will be Christopher Walken. "I have wanted to play Peter Pan since I was about 3 years old, so this is a dream come true," said Williams (Allison, not Brian). She added, "What could go wrong in a live televised production with simultaneous flying, sword fighting and singing?" As long as Adam and Blake turn their chairs around, you'll be fine. - Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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