DEAR ABBY: I'm dating a hard-to-find kind of man. He is my Prince Charming except for one thing. He's a racist.

I have asked him not to say demeaning things about people of other races because it upsets me. Most of his friends are like that, too. When he meets someone of a different race, he's polite and friendly, but when he sees someone walking on the street, he makes derogatory comments.

I'm considering breaking up with him over this. Am I overly sensitive?

- Too Sensitive in Texas

DEAR TOO SENSITIVE: You're not overly sensitive. We are living in an increasingly diverse society. Unless you want to become increasingly isolated and surrounded only by people who think like your "Prince" does, find someone who thinks more like you do.

DEAR ABBY: My cousin "Carla" just had a baby. She's in her early 20s, unemployed and living in a condo her parents bought her so she won't be homeless.

When I received an invitation to her baby shower, I declined. I didn't feel comfortable celebrating this "good" news. When my sister asked me why I declined, she called me selfish. Do you think she is right? n

- Principled Cousin

DEAR PRINCIPLED COUSIN: I don't think you were selfish for sticking with your principles. Because you didn't feel you would enjoy the event, you were right to decline the invitation.