A FEW WEEKS ago the Associated Press made news of its own when it chose not to run any

Paris Hilton

stories for a week.

Until the AP announced it, no one noticed.

When Lloyd Grove was writing his "Lowdown" column for the New York Daily News, he also boycotted Paris.

Tattle won't make the same promise - we have too much space to fill, but we will promise that today is the last day you'll read here about any of those troublemakers from MTV's "Laguna Beach."

With Britney lying low, TMZ.com reported yesterday that "LB" punk Jason Wahler was arrested over the weekend. It was the fourth time in nine months.

This time the Seattle police had the honors, picking up Wahler at the Waterfront Marriott Hotel in the wee hours Sunday morning for criminal trespassing and assault. He was booked into a King County jail and bailed out before the end of the day.

Police were called to the Marriott, TMZ.com says, when hotel personnel saw Wahler wrestling on the lobby floor with an unidentified man, whom he punched in the face. He then ran from the lobby only to return later.

When police showed up, Wahler was reportedly quite drunk. As police tried to arrest him, he allegedly called one of the officers a "n-----, f-----, and poor f---," according to the police report. Jason also allegedly told the officer that "he was rich and would have my ass" and that the policeman should "come down to L.A. county and get your ass kicked!"

What would you expect?

It was little more than a month ago (March 6) that Wahler was sentenced to 60 days in an L.A. jail for punching out a tow-truck driver. He's supposed to start serving that term before May 4.

But first

he'll have to head east to North Carolina, where he was hauled in for resisting police during a bar sweep of underage drinkers.

Last August, he hung with the police of a fourth state, New York, when he was nabbed for cocaine possession.

Wahler is rumored to be the star of a sex tape with "Laguna Beach's" Lauren Conrad. Lauren denies such a tape exists.

For Tattle, "Laguna Beach" no longer exists.


* Salma Hayek,


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer announced yesterday that the studio has entered into a partnership with Salma and her partner Jose Tamez under the Ventanazul Label, to develop, produce and acquire filmed entertainment with a Latin flavor.

Salma will serve as president and CEO of Ventanazul, and Tamez will be president of production.

The company plans to bring two to four film projects to the marketplace per year, with MGM handling worldwide marketing and distribution.

"We want these movies to appeal to everyone," Salma said in a statement, "but we also hope to make Latino audiences proud."

* Tattle's Aunt Bernice

will be delighted.

Seventy-year-old Welsh singer/diva Shirley Bassey ("Goldfinger") is making another record.

Billboard.com reports Bassey is coming out of recording retirement thanks to a chance meeting two years ago in a Monte Carlo hotel gym, with Catherine Feeney and Nikki Lamborn, of rock group Never the Bride.

When they met, Feeney and Lamborn gave Bassey a copy of their fourth CD, "Surprise," and asked her to consider the song, "The Living Tree."

"It was in her gym bag quite a while," Lamborn said, "until her assistant said, 'Are you going to listen to this or shall I throw it away?' Apparently she said, 'Let's put it on now.' "

Bassey liked the song so much she sang it on TV and has now recorded it for Feeney and Lamborn's own Lock Stock & Barrel label.

It's due out Monday in the U.K.

* "Scrubs" star John C. McGin-

ley, 47, married yoga instructor Nichole Kessler, 34, Saturday in Malibu, Calif., publicist Nancy Iannios told the Associated Press.

McGinley has a 9-year-old son, Max, from a previous marriage.

* The Hollywood Reporter says

Jared Padalecki (the CW's "Supernatural") will star as popular mall-store artist Thomas Kinkade in the life-affirming biopic "The Christmas Cottage."

The film is part of an intended Kinkade trilogy, based on his life and paintings.

Maybe this means Tattle will finally be able to get our "Dogs Playing Poker" film off the ground. *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.