Last year's big package of changes to Pennsylvania's liquor laws allowed the Liquor Control Board to implement something like a frequent-shopper card, in yet another move that will make state stores more like any other private business.

The PLCB has not yet decided what model to adopt, but officials on Thursday, during a budget hearing, provided an update to the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee on the programs under consideration.

"We're looking at a model that would award points in which there would be a cost to the LCB to be able to pay for those discounts," board member Michael Negra told the panel.

"We're also looking at an Amazon Prime-type model where the consumer would pay for the benefits that they would receive, hopefully achieving more benefits than what they pay," he said.

The agency held a focus group Tuesday in Philadelphia to help it figure out what consumers want.

PLCB executive director Charlie Mooney said the so-called customer relationship management program being developed would allow the agency to run promotions specific to certain areas, such as Southeastern Pennsylvania, where some shoppers go to Delaware or New Jersey for alcoholic beverages.

"That is a tremendous tool that would give us the ability to combat the so-called border bleed," Mooney said.