Second jobs, for some of us who have taken pay cuts or reduction in work hours, are looking like one way to weather the economic storm. But, how to find the right moonlighting job? Try these sites.

Snag jobs. Check here for hourly and part-time jobs - mostly at fast-food-type places, retail stores, bowling alleys, and assorted work-at-home positions. You were expecting glamour? Type in your zip code for local listings. E-mail alerts are also available.

Consultant Journal. An older posting on this blog for people interested in consulting work has a list of second-job possibilities, including dog walking, pizza delivery, and teaching English as a second language. This sort of advice may jog you into coming up with a second-job idea that isn't too far afield from your day work and expertise.

Moonlighting tips. A second, or third, job could take a huge toll on you and the family members you might not see much of in the foreseeable future. Here at the Quintessential Careers Web site are some pointers on how to survive the extra workload. For example, you need to find a second job that will hold your interest; you'll have to carve out time for significant others; and you'll need to know when the load is too great and it's time to quit. In addition, it'll be good to check with your full-time employer to see whether there are policies on workers taking side jobs.

Side cash, side dish. AOL's job site provides this brief article on how to earn "side cash" while job hunting. Besides the usual advice on retail and food-service jobs, it suggests signing on with temp agencies, or getting word out that you do odd jobs - one woman got work cooking meals for neighbors several nights a week.

Night shift. The eHow Web site explains how to cope with working a night shift. But the article seems to presume you'll have the day to rest. Some of the advice, however, applies: Give yourself time to adjust, prioritize your time, set a period for relaxing with a book, and see a doctor if you start falling apart.

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