Taylor Swift fell victim to the risks of the Internet when her Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked earlier today, Jan. 27.

Though the accounts have already been recovered and the unwanted posts deleted, tweets from Swift's Twitter called on her over 51 million followers to follow @veriuser and @lizzard, whose account owner is being blamed for the social media hacks.

Both the @veriuser and @lizzard Twitter accounts have been suspended, but the user behind @lizzard claimed to be the leader of various hacker groups, such as Anonymous and Lizard Squad, who have been attributed to downing the Sony PlayStation network, among other prominent game system networks. Lizard Squad is also believed to be responsible for hacking the Malaysian Airlines email.

Before being suspended, @lizzard threatened to release nude photos of Swift for 3 bitcoins, or about $800. It is not known whether or not the user actually had any nude photos of the pop star.

From T. Swift's Instagram account, hackers called on her 20.3 million followers to follow an account called @trash.

Tay Tay took the situation in stride, posting to her official Tumblr that she was aware of the Twitter hack and it was being handled with the hashtag #Hackersgonnahackhackhackhackhack, a play on her hit song "Shake it Off." Later, she addressed the Instagram hacking with a bit more concern.

"#ThisiswhyI'mscaredoftechnology." she wrote.