The Internet is obsessed with a lot of things—bacon, Miley Cyrus' twerking habits, Sriracha, cats that think they're people—but few things can channel enough power online to rival the cuteness of adorable little corgis. With their fluffy tails and stumpy little legs, it's almost as if they were genetically engineered to climb to the front page of Reddit.

Your corgi-related lulz are in danger, though, thanks to the breed's dwindling population. The British Kennel Club has added the breed to its "at watch" list and announced that it could be relegated to "vulnerable native breed" by early 2014.

But the Kennel Club said that with just 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis registered in Britain this year, the breed is on its "at watch" list and is set to be classed as a "vulnerable native breed" by January.

"It looks unlikely to reach the 300 registrations needed to stay off the vulnerable native breeds list," the organisation said in a statement.

Right-leaning newspaper The Daily Telegraph blamed the decline of the corgi on the previous Labour government, which lost power in 2010 to a coalition led by Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives. [AFP]

This seems like the perfect opportunity for me to point you in the direction of the wonderful work of @corgiwatch. If you're out there, @corgiwatch, know that I'm prepping a doomsday bunker/corgi playground and filling it with Beggin' Strips and doorstops. Together, we can save the world from the Great Corgi Shortage of 2014 and bring mankind back from the brink of disaster. [h/t Time]