It's not always difficult to figure out what players are yelling NSFW stuff during the game. Or maybe it's the broadcasters, screaming down from the booth that a play should be appealed.

But in Portland, the theory surfaced that maybe, just maybe, Thomas Robinson was shouting something in particular at LaMarcus Aldridge every time he got the ball, but they couldn't be sure.

Blazers Edge was on the case:

"Lunch meat," Robinson explained to Blazersedge, smiling. "Whatchu do when you got some lunch meat? You eat it. Exactly! Whenever someone [is guarding Aldridge], he's always eating. He's L.A. Whenever somebody on him, he eat him. Lunch meat. That's how it is."

Post defenders are being reduced to nothing more than lifeless strips of bologna, waiting to be consumed.

A statement has yet to be released by the lunch meat industry, who are undoubtedly fuming over the idea that the name of their product is the next noun to be made synonomous with being bad at basketball.