Is Donald Trump an American Mussolini, bluffing and bragging his way to our nation's highest office, threatening sinister consequences?

Or are American 
institutions -- our fractious Congress, independent-minded judges, professional military, active citizens -- still strong enough to keep even a lunatic President from going too far? 
Trump recalls one of America's most popular, insurgent, controversial presidents, Andrew Jackson. Here's some ways they are alike, and not:

Wild hair

   Parents died young; grew up poor
       Teacher, lawyer
Soldier from an early age
    Led armies into battle 
        Fought duels
Owned hundreds of slaves to do his work
    Shot and expelled Indians
        Attacked British and Spanish forces; stole Florida
Arrested judges who criticized him
    Wife accused of bigamy
        Elected to Congress; quit; helped start a new party to fight the bosses
Ran for president, elected by masses of anti-elite voters

    Killed U.S. central bank
        Recognized Texas independence from Mexico
Supported import tariffs
    Suppressed early Confederates

        ...And the Republic survived

Wild hair

   Dad was a multimillionaire; grew up rich
      Wharton (undergrad)
Real estate speculator from an early age
   Led TV show, and a failed college; built casinos; bankruptcies
       Sues critics and threatens to hit them; wants to bomb, torture bad guys

Hired thousands of low-wage immigrants to do his work
   Wants to expel Mexicans and Muslims
       Says invading Iraq was dumb
Insults people who disagree with him
    Multiple wives
        Funded his own political campaign, bucking party bosses
Running for president, backed by working-class anti-elite voters; leads polls
    Critic of U.S. central bank

        Wants Mexicans to build a wall along Texas
Supports import restrictions
    Supported by later Confederates

        ...We have the Bomb this time