If you're reading this, that means SEPTA's strike did indeed come to pass and several hundred thousand bus, trolley and subway riders are experiencing varying degrees of irritation as they try to figure out how to get to work. If you're one of those people, I'd like to hear from you so we can better tell the story of what this strike has meant to our area.

Some people may have to get creative to find a ride. Others may spend an obscene number of hours getting from point A to point B. Some of you may be dealing with some serious problems, perhaps an inability to get to an important appointment or a job where punctuality is required. I'd like to hear about all of it.

You can reach me at jlaughlin@phillynews.com or at @jasmlaughlin on Twitter. If you want to contact me getting your full names and contact info would be much appreciated, as I'd like to be able to quote your experiences in the paper or online.

We're also curating posts to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SEPTAStrike in the console below.