State Rep. John Taylor announced his intention to resign as Republican City Committee (RCC) Chairman, effective this Thursday evening, according to a letter he sent to ward leaders Monday.

In his letter, Taylor, who represents the 177th district, pointed to his role as a state lawmaker as a reason for leaving the party post. He recommended that ward leaders choose Joseph DeFelice, currently the committee's executive director, as his successor.

U-Turn has not yet been able to reach Taylor by phone Monday evening.

But DeFelice, 38, an attorney, told U-Turn, "I'm delighted to have Chairman Taylor's support. I'm a lifelong Republican, born and raised in Philadelphia. I know what it takes to fix the City of Philadelphia. True Republican values will do that. The city is desperate for a strong two party system."

In a telephone call, Vice Chairman Michael Cibik told U-Turn, "Taylor had a lot on his plate and had to set his priorities. Serving the State of Pennsylvania in his capacity (as state representative) is more important than serving as Chair of GOP. And I agree with him. I think he was very gracious."

Cibik said of DeFilice, "He's more than qualified. He's grown into the job immensely. I've worked with him for 10 years. Taught him everything he knows. Almost."

Taylor took over as chairman in 2013, he said in his letter.

"I was elected in June of 2013 to bring peace and harmony to the Party and begin putting forth the building blocks to create a nationwide example of what an urban Republican Party should look like," he wrote. "Unfortunately, I cannot do the things it takes to move us forward into the future. My time commitment to my constituents, the upheaval in Harrisburg, my upcoming reelection campaign and a possible role in House Leadership elections, leaves me inadequate time to pursue what a strong Chairman should pursue."