2017 Jaguar XE 20d RWD


Base price: $42,900.

As tested: $43,895 (including shipping).

Standard equipment: 2-liter turbo diesel engine, eight-speed automatic transmission, rear-drive and a plethora of hedonistic and safety electronics, ranging from a blind-spot alert to 10-way power front seats with heat and leather, and a power washer for the Xenon headlights.

Options: None.

Fuel economy: 32 city and 42 highway.

Engine performance: Fine.

Handling: Agile.

Ride comfort: Civil.

Styling: Even more civil.

Warranty: Five years/60,000 miles bumper- to-bumper.

The Ben key: four Bens, excellent; three Bens, good; two Bens, fair; one Ben, poor.