Local reaction to Michael Jackson's death

From reporter Liz Wagner:

Eric Salicka, 33, a waiter at Pepperoncini’s in Conshochocken, said he was shocked at the news of Jackson’s death. “I couldn’t believe he passed away,” he said. “I love Mike. I grew up listening to his albums.” He said he still has his first copy of Thriller. “It’s a big shock for the whole world, I think.”

“I think he was a legacy,” said Lydia Simon, 45, of Conshohocken. “It’s devastating.”

“Two stars in one day,” she said, noting that Farah Fawcett had passed earlier. “It really makes you appreciate life.”

“Mike Jackson is invincible,” said Christa Jackson, 20, of Conshohocken. She teared up remembering her mother playing “Lady of My Life” in the mornings while she was growing up. Jackson said she was making plans to travel to California for the services.

From reporter Kristin E. Holmes: 

At the Cut It Out hair salon in Old City, customers rushed to their cell phones to confirm rumors of Jackson’s death, and some received text messages confirming the news. Customers talked about Jackson’s death in the context of celebrities who have died recently, including Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and local personalities Gary Papa and Irv Homer.

“Michael Jackson’s funeral will be bigger than Princess Diana’s and Elvis’s combined,” salon owner Frank Mitchell said.

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