Vegan Super Bowl snacks and treats abound

Dreena Burton's Vegveeta Dip is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday. Recipe at

Did you hear about the stepped-up vegan options at MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl? It's great news for anyone attending the event in person, whether they're vegan or just want to try an animal-free change of pace.

But what about the vast majority of spectators who will be watching from home? Scary news about possible shortages of velveeta and chicken wings rippled through the media, giving those of us who do the cheeseless and meatless thing an opportunity to mention some tasty alternatives. Even for non-vegans some of these are worth trying, since by, say, Super Bowl LXVIII, odds are the animal-based cheeses and wings of today will be an expensive throwback.

Fortunately, sites all over are stepping up with lists: CNN offers 4 vegan-friendly Super Bowl snacks, while EcoRazzi has the Ultimate Vegan Super Bowl Snacks. OneGreenPlanet touts 25 Vegan Comfort Foods for The Ultimate Super Bowl Party. And if it's a list that begins with a number you know that Buzzfeed is all over it, here with 19 Delicious Vegan Super Bowl Recipes.

Also worth a look are The Big Vegan Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up from OhSheGlows, which features among other treats a "Vegveeta" dip from Dreena Burton, and Spicy burgers and bulldog margaritas: Vegan Super Bowl eats from Jerry James Stone! over at the ever-irrepressible Vegansaurus.

Not all of these options are very healthy, of course, but that's not the point of Super Bowl food. Still, one snack that's both tasty and relatively healthy option that shows up on many lists is kale chips, which I tipped you to back in one of the first V for Veg columns. Or if you want to go even healthier you can ditch the high-fat guacamole in favor of... broccomole?

OK, I have to admit I haven't tried that one, and cannot guarantee that it's totally within the Super-Bowl realm of decadent carefree noshing. What I am sure of is that there's gonna be even more vegan foods eaten at this year's big event than last year's, and that is truly super!