VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel tricks people at Fashion Week into talking about fake designers

Now that we've all learned the true origin of the Twerk Fail video that went viral last week and Jimmy Kimmel and taken his rightful seat on the throne of Internet prank videos, we can all revel in his latest "Lie Witness News" offering from New York Fashion Week.

For those unfamiliar with the bit, "Lie Witness News" is when Kimmel sends a correspondent out into the real world to ask people about made up things. The segment they filmed at Coachella, which had the interviewer tricking hipsters into pontificating about imaginary bands was Internet gold.

In the latest version of "Lie Witness News" Kimmel's correspondent was at Lincoln Center at the heart of NYFW, asking orange mocha frappuccino enthusiasts (JITTERBUG!) about imaginary designers and ridiculous lines of imaginary clothing.

Thanks again, Jimmy. Thank you a thousand times, again.