VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel was behind the 'Twerk Fail' video hoax

Last week, a young woman did a handstand, leaned her feet against the back of a door, and shook what her mama gave her in what became known as the viral sensation, "Twerk Fail." By now, some 10,000,000 million of us know how this plays out...

Her roommate walks in, our protagonist takes a tumble through a table and lights herself on fire.

Welp, the actual end shows Jimmy Kimmel's ugly mug grinning into the camera because the whole thing was a hoax and he set it all up. On Monday, Kimmel revealed that he was the evil genius behind the staged video and interviewed the young star of "Twerk Fail," Daphne Avalon. She's a stunt woman and Jimmy Kimmel is Keyser Soze. SURPRISE!

Jimmy Kimmel explains that they filmed the video months ago and uploaded it to YouTube. But, instead of tweeting it out or sending it to people, they just let it sit there and waited for the Internet to get its grubby hands on it. Then magic happened.

We're not worthy, Jimmy. We're. Not. Worthy.