Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen will have to share a 'Law & Order: SVU' episode

While most people with any semblance of rational thought tucked and rolled from the Law & Order: SVU train as soon as Christopher Meloni left and we no longer got to see Detective Stabler grinding his teeth and rearranging the front of his locker, the show has apparently carried on in his absence.

As the show is still offering new episodes, it shouldn't be a surprise that the writers are pulling straight from the headlines and, hoo boy, have they had some horrifying and compelling options at their disposal. Not too long ago they gave Rihanna and Chris Brown the SVU treatment with a twist ending (SPOILER ALERT) because Chris Brown's character eventually kills Rihanna's character.

Now, Entertainment Weekly has learned that Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen are set to share an episode in the show's 15th season.

Wednesday, pictures from the SVU set emerged on BuzzFeed and speculation mounted about whether or not the images might suggest that the show was taking on the controversial George Zimmerman trial so soon. In fact, the SVU writers have taken things one step further and combined two of the year’s biggest headlines: The trial of Zimmerman over the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin and the Paula Deen scandal.

“[Jeffrey] Tambor is a defense attorney representing a very high-profile celebrity woman chef who thought she was being pursued by a rapist and turned around it was a teenager. And she shot him,” said Leight in an interview with EW. “There’s a lot of stop and frisk elements to that as well.”

Oh, good, they managed to sneak "stop and frisk" in there, too. Let's decide to call this episode All Encompassing Racism Brush Over Extravaganza. Though, unless Detective Munch flippantly mentions that time that a marginally relevant wide receiver recently dropped the N-word at a concert and saw the video go viral, then we're going to call shenanigans on the whole shebang. [EW]