Rank and File: Union vs. Vancouver

I had more than enough to say yesterday about Saturday's game, so now it's your turn. Here are your player ratings and comments on the Union's win over Vancouver.


Faryd Mondragón: 7.92
- "Mondragón continues to show why the Union went after him. A calming presence on the defense, he's shown he can work the refs a bit, which is in valuable." (Joe Grady)
- "He must think MLS is easy, he comes in and posts shutouts. Can he skate?" (Nick Youngstein)


Danny Califf: 7.00
- "I wonder if not wearing the captain's armband has had an effect on Califf." (Rob Gregory)

Jordan Harvey: 6.67
- "I don't remember a Vancouver threat down their right side at all, so either Harvey did well, or the 'Caps didn't feel like going over there." (Nick Youngstein)

Carlos Valdés: 6.67
- "Struggled early with Atiba Harris's physical play, but adjusted quickly and was dominant. Man of the Match." (George Hasenecz)

Sheanon Williams: 6.50
- "Too eager to join the attack, with the result that he is frequently out of position." (Mark Nakahara)



Brian Carroll: 6.08
- "Showed his versatility in moving to left back when we threw more played forward in search of a goal. Turning into a very important piece in our team." (George Hasenecz)

Gabriel Farfan: 5.20

Sebastien Le Toux: 6.33
- "Le Toux hasn't shown us his unyielding hustle yet and I don't think it's because he's not giving 100%, but because it's a new system, especially since he doesn't have to score all the goals with Ruiz up top." (Rob Gregory)

Stefani Miglioranzi: 5.92
- "Really good performance. A very calm presence in the midfield, with many quality touches." (Mark Nakahara)

Kyle Nakazawa: 5.92
- "Still not much impact on the match but he also improved from Week 1."

 Roger Torres: 6.75

- "His first appearance of the year was great. Sure, Vancouver were already down to 10 men, but Torres really changed the Union attack, with great balls over the top to Ruiz and McInerney." (Isaac B.)
- "I appreciate what he brings to the game, still looks undersized out there but he is a game changer and should be our 'super sub' going forward, a Benny Feilhaber type player" (J.P.)

In case anyone is wondering, I should just make sure you know that J.P. is not J.P. Dellacamera.



Jack McInerney: 6.36
- "I thought Jack Mac was a great shot of energy and really played well." (Dave Q.)
- "First minutes of the season, and didn't do a lot, but his pace is great. If Nowak would like to start him, I'm ok with that, too." (Nick Youngstein)

Danny Mwanga: 6.25
- "Struggling to find his role as a right sided forward in the 4-3-3 that Nowak is playing. He played much stronger than last year when holding up the ball under pressure and wasn't shy about showing for it." (George Hasenecz)

Carlos Ruiz: 6.75
- "The little fish surprised me, he has played well. Can tell he can't swim as fast as he used to, but he is great at taking the ball of his chest and making nice short passes. He can finish as shown by his goal and also his almost spectacular bicycle kick that went off the post." (Pete Olmsted)
- "Chooch 2.0 saved the day by being in the right place to capitalize on a mistake through-ball. No real impact otherwise but a win is a win." (Nick Youngstein)