3 time-saving moves to help you tone up

Are you ready to whittle away your winter waistline?  If a lack of time and flair for fitness is keeping you from hitting your muscle making mark, I have crafted a fat melting, high-intensity, do-it-anywhere workout to kickstart your heart and help you blast the bulk you may have accumulated from one too many marshmallow topped hot toddies this winter.  As your toning teacher, I know how hard squeezing in a good workout can be.  Luckily this workout is just a hop, skip and jump rope away from getting you to that beautiful beach body for the warmer months ahead.

Perform exercises for 60 seconds, with 30 seconds of rest in-between intervals. Repeat 5 times.  

Ice Skater.  Move over Michelle Kwan, there is a new speed skater in town.  An Ice Skater looks exactly as you would imagine, minus the skates.  This gold medal exercise promotes cardiovascular health, and helps strengthen the entire body through balance, agility and speed. 

The Move:

  • Stand tall, feet shoulder-width apart
  • Use the right foot to jump to the side, and diagonally kick left foot back
  • Jump to the left foot and diagonally kick right foot back

Lateral Lunges.  This exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads and core muscles.  These major muscles are responsible for crushing calories major calories, and aids in the after burn that takes place following this tush torching training session.  The key to achieving perfect form with the lateral lunge is to hinge at the hip as if you are reaching for an invisible chair to sit on.  By doing this, we protect our knees against the shear force created from putting too much pressure on the ball and toes of the foot.  When performing lunges and squats, your body weight should always rest on your heels.

The Move:

  • Take a large step to the right and hinge back at the hips
  • Push off of the right foot and bring the right leg up into a 90 degree hold for one count
  • Take a large step to the left and hinge back at the hips
  • Push off of the left foot and bring the left leg up into a 90 degree hold for one count 

Flutter Kick Squats.  Warning:  The Flutter Kick Squat will have you cursing the day you roasted your ham with this butt burning move.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  Breaking the mediocre mold is totally worth it when you start seeing real results that come from pushing yourself to the limit. 

The Move:

  • Stand with the right leg forward in a staggered lunge stance.  Both legs should form a 90 degree angle at the knee 
  • With abs activated, jump and switch the legs so the left leg is in the front now  
  • Jump once more into a squatting position
  • Hold each pose for two counts 

Make major moves this March to prevent yourself from feeling like an April Fool.

Earn it.

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