Walking 10,000 steps a day toward better health

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Why should you aim to walk 10,000 steps? For most Americans, walking 10,000 steps adds up to about five miles each day. The average American... Read more

Joel Embiid’s knee injury: What is a meniscus tear and how is it treated?

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Many Philly sports fans have heard about a new injury to hit our beloved 76ers. Last week, Sixers’ star center Joel Embiid was diagnosed... Read more

5 anti-aging benefits of exercise

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As we age, our metabolism and muscle mass start to decrease. Did you know that adults lose between five and seven pounds of muscle every decade... Read more

3 ways you’re wasting your workout

Are your workouts not working? Unfortunately, just going to the gym isn’t enough to guarantee results. You must have plan. Walking... Read more

3 easy moves to tame your trouble zones

Are you ready to finally tone those trouble zones on your body? We all have finicky spots that we wish were a little tighter, trimmer and... Read more

Do subconcussive hits have the same effect on the brain as clinical concussions?

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In January, the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association hosted its annual conference in Philadelphia. Among the many sports medicine topics... Read more

A Super Bowl fitness challenge

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The players are ready to compete on the field. The fans are ready to cheer in the stadium. And you are ready to sit on your couch and eat a... Read more

The right way to practice Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is likely the most-practiced pose in modern yoga. Yet it is a pose that is undeniably complicated. When practiced with... Read more