Last Snow Pile of the Winter 2009-2010?

Maybe it's become a bit of an obsession. But over the past few weeks as I photographed the mountains of snow piled up in parking lots all around the region, I kept wondering when the last bit of evidence of our record-setting winter would finally fade into a final muddy puddle.

After temperatures got up into the 50's two weeks ago for the first time all year, I figured most of it would melt. But no.

Then this past weekend, even with three-plus inches of rainfall, I still found numerous piles of the now-blackened, gooey, dirty left-over snow out there.

I shot the one at left in the parking lot of the Garden State Park shopping center last night - it was still raining, and the pile was still hanging in there.

So now I'm determined to find - and photograph - the very last snow pile out there.

To this end, I'm asking for your help. Please let me know in the comments below of any large piles still out there in your neighborhood.

While I was photographing the pile below, in the PATCO Ferry Avenue Station parking lot in Camden Sunday, a DRPA Police officer suggested I check out the one at the Lindenwold Station. Maybe on Tuesday.

I'm still counting on the pile under the PATCO tracks at the Westmont Station being one of the contenders for last remaining.  It's both in the shade and protected from the rain.  That's it at the very top.