Lucky mag attempts to pave over incident with local reader

After being caught in a blatant lie on Tuesday, Lucky Magazine responded to Jezebel's post chronicling a local reader's ordeal by attempting to make amends with Rosemary Avance.

I followed up with 28-year-old Avance, who despite numerous attempts to reach out to Lucky after the magazine had printed and misquoted her, was rather disgruntled over the incident. Aggravating the issue was the magazine's refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Rather, the publication so kindly and publicly attempted to regulate their image and perform quality control- via twitter. (No. You stay classy, Lucky.)

Wednesday afternoon, Avance sent me the following email:

"Just got an email from Lucky's public relations department apologizing for the delay in shipping the dress & saying that the dress would be even later, because not only is the designer sick but their production facility had a terrible flood (!). They promise to send a scarf and blouse, along with the dress, to show their remorse. No mention, of course, of the misquote in the magazine, and the emails I've sent demanding a retraction have gone unanswered."

Looks like Lucky's attempting to pave over the incident by sending Avance a nice little scarf and blouse (which she probably will not receive until months down the line). One thing's certain: Our local Lucky winner will not be satisfied until the magazine's editors retract their printed statement where they intentionally misquoted her.

What are your thoughts?