Lucky mag prints lie about Philly reader

Has a magazine put itself in a not-so-Lucky position by printing a flat-out lie about one of its readers?

On Tuesday, Jezebel posted a detailed account from a local woman who won a $750 LBD from Lucky Magazine's "Lucky Breaks" section. 28-year-old Penn grad student Rosemary Avance won the pricey Jahaanara dress in February, but has yet to receive it. Avance was told she woul not be receiving the "custom-made" dress until summer, which was initally a bummer, but here's the real controversy:

"When a Lucky editor asked her for a quote in May for July's issue, she obliged, but made it clear that she had not actually worn the dress and didn't want to be quoted as saying that she had."

Essentially Lucky claims Avance is enjoying a dress that she hasn't even received yet! Read the full acount from Jezebel, here.

Avance tells us that she has not heard anything from the publication, even after sending an additional note requesting further explanation. What a shame. We feel that Avance deserves at least a written apology letter from Lucky. That's the bare minimum the publication can do to compensate for flat-out lying about a reader. What are your thoughts?