Scene outside the Convention Center

At the scene of the Obama / Specter protest at 12th and Arch streets. (Photo by Robert Moran)

 Inquirer staff writers Robert Moran and Olivia Biaggi report:

As Obama and Specter hobnobbed for campaign contributions inside the Convention Center, boisterous supporters of Obama's health care reform echoed his campaign slogan outside with shouts of  "Yes we can!"

Opponents held up signs decrying the massive increases in spending and debt that have been incurred this year.

One woman had a sign that said: "Stop Debt on our Children" and mentioned "Stimulus, Health Care, Energy, Bailout."

A man who only identified himself as Tom, retired, from New Jersey, held up a sign with images of three pigs with the faces of leading Congressional Democrats superimposed on the pigs' heads.

"The spending is putting us deeper and deeper in debt," Tom said. "They seem to have any intention of stopping it."

Other protesters held signs that read "In God We Don't Trust Obama" and "Impeach Obama."

Don Adams, of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, displayed a sign calling Obama "control freak in chief."

"I think Obamacare is needlessly interfering in our health care system," said Adams, of Cheltenham. "Its government intervention at it's worst."

"Stop giving our money away," said Bob Leonard, 46, of East Norriton.

Leonard held up a sign that said: "TEA Taxed Enough Already - Nobama."

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