Crime drops in Camden

Inquirer staff writer Allison Steele reports:

Crime in Camden has dropped significantly since the first half of this year, Attorney General Anne Milgram announced today, and state, federal and local law enforcement agencies have arrested more than 300 people in the past six months in an effort to attack what Milgram called an escalating drug war.

At a news conference at the Camden County prosecutor’s office in Camden, Milgram said authorities have seized 40 firearms, $88,564 in cash and $183,302 worth of drugs since May, when they began targeting the city’s rising crime rate.

The conference was an opportunity for the state to offer some results of Governor Corzine’s crime plan for Camden, which is part of Corzine’s Strategy for Safe Streets and Neighborhoods.

From January to May of this year, Camden had 25 homicides, more than twice the number of homicides as it did in 2007. But from June through October, the number of killings was 21, which is two fewer than in 2007, and nonfatal shootings have decreased significantly.

This week, Camden was named the second-most dangerous city in the country, up from the fifth spot last year.

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