Setting your Week 2 lineup

Rex Grossman as a fantasy bargain? (AP Photo)

Earlier, I posted on Week 2 of the Fantasy Football Diary. But now, it's time to get into some more serious analysis of this weekend's fantasy football landscape.

First, let's take a look at some players that will help you in this weekend's $150 FanDuel Beat the Expert game:


Reggie Bush (RB - MIA), $6,100: Bush had a good game against the Patriots in Week 1. Look for more of the same Sunday against the Texans. Now that he is the feature back in Miami, Bush will see more carries than he saw in New Orleans, but it's still his ability in the receiving game that makes him such a threat. At this price, you could do worse...much worse.

Vincent Jakcson (WR - SD), $6,300: Jackson didn't really impress last week, but if the Patriots defense can allow Chad Henne to throw up big points, then I can only imagine what that will mean for Philip Rivers. This game could be very high scoring, with both quarterback trying to keep up with the other, and I expect Jackson to be a big part of that.

Rex Grossman (QB - WAS), $6,500: I never thought I'd put Rex Grossman down as a bargain. No matter how cheap, he'll always feel like a bust to me. Not this week, however, as he faces the same Cardinals defense that allowed Cam Newton to throw for over 400 yards in his NFL debut. I don't expect him to put up 30 points, but at such a low price, Grossman will allow you to go all out on your other positions.

Cadillac Williams (RB - STL), $6,100: Williams filled in nicely for an injured Steven Jackson last week. Look for more of the same on Monday against the Giants. While Jackson thinks he should be able to go, the Rams are likely to play it safe. Couple that with Sam Bradford's sore finger, and this has all the makings of a big game for Cadillac.

Plaxico Burress (WR - NYJ), $5,500: Burress had a touchdown on Sunday night against the Cowboys. While their secondary was banged up to say the least, I like what I saw from Burress. His specialty is the lob pass in the endzone, and that's something that never goes out of style, even if he's been away from the game for a while.


Arian Foster (RB - HOU), $9,700: While I am still recommending that you play Foster in your normal league, I see him as a bust in FanDuel this weekend. No one really knows what his role is going to be, and I find it hard to spend top-dollar on a guy who could be splitting carries the entire game. Especially if the Texans get up big on the Dolphins, look for it to be a heavy dose of Ben Tate as the Texans won't want to over-extend Foster.

Drew Brees (QB - NO), $9,300: Brees will face the tough Bears defense this weekend. There are much better options out there, especially with the loss of Marques Colston.

Roddy White (WR - ATL), $7,700: Roddy White will face a combination of Asante Samuel, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. With the front four of the Eagles likely to get some pressure on Matt Ryan, he may not have the time to get the deep to White.

Reggie Wayne (WR - IND), $7,700: He had a good game last week, but that was against the Texans. Even their poor pass defense wasn't enough to make Kerry Collins look good.

Kenny Britt (WR - TEN), $7,100: I'm putting him on this list just because it was his fault and his fault alone that I lost to Sheil Kapadia in our office league. Also, he won't have a game like that against the Steelers.

For those of you that missed out on last week's opportunity to beat the expert, there is another chance for you to play, and win cash, this weekend. Sign up for our $150 Weekend Beat-the-Expert, which follows the same format as last week's game. Don't worry though, if you beat me, you get your $5 back. Picks lock at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

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