Fantasy Football Diary: Week 2

Matt Ryan and Mike Vick also square off in the FIFL. (AP Photos)

Yesterday, I had some potential waiver wire acquisitions at wide receiver and tight end, brought to you by my colleague, Greg Boyce. This morning I have something a little different for you.

Each week, I am previewing my matchup in the Fantasy Island Football League by allowing my opponent to take over my blog and post a little something about himself (or herself). Coming off a Week 1 blowout win, I'm looking to improve to 2-0 against Greg M. (a.k.a @News_Junkie8008).

Greg was on his honeymoon last week, so I won't hold the fact that he started an inactive Arian Foster against him. He was probably preoccupied. That move didn't help, obviously, as Greg fell to 0-1. Despite the loss, he was still able to put up a good amount of points, so I should have my hands full - especially if Foster plays.

What is interesting is how much stock we have in Sunday night's Eagles-Falcons game. I have Michael Turner and Michael Vick playing, while Greg will start Matt Ryan. This game could come down to the wire. I just hope I don't find myself rooting for a late Turner touchdown.

Anyway, here is a little more about Greg, and his fantasy football strategy:

Team: @news_junkie8008
Name: Greg M.
Age: 26
From: Delco
Occupation: Law clerk and soon to be lawyer (waiting on bar results)
Marital Status: Recently married
Hobbies: Twitter, pick-up/intramural sports, craft beer, watching netflix 

Strategy/Experience: My strategy typically has always been to get a strong RB and a strong WR and wait for a QB. After that you play the matchups and stay vigilant on the waiver wire and hope you got lucky with a late pick or a claim on the waiver wire. I have been playing fantasy for a few years and have had more successes than failures in my football and baseball leagues and I hope that continues into this league even though last week my team was a mess.


For those of you that missed out on last week's opportunity to beat the expert, there is another chance for you to play, and win cash, this weekend. Sign up for our $150 Weekend Beat-the-Expert, which follows the same format as last week's game. Don't worry though, if you beat me, you get your $5 back. Picks lock at 1 p.m. on Sunday.



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