More than Green Jobs

OK, I admit it - I haven't kept up with City Paper lately as religiously as I once did, back in the days before they made the bizarre decision to eliminate the position of political cartoonist. Other than that, I really have no excuse for not pointing you sooner to this cover story a couple weeks back from Paul Glover, Prepare for the Best: A guide to surviving - and thriving in - Philadelphia's new green future.

You may recognize Glover either as the founder of Philadelphia Orchard Project, which Ronnie Polaneczky discussed in this post, or as the proprietor of Green Jobs Philly, the value-packed local resource that everyone who's down with the "Green" thing is reading. Some people, in fact, have been known start hyperventilating when the new issue comes out. Well, guess what - The New Green Jobs Philly (#9) is here! Whew - I need to sit down!

But as valuable as that is, be sure to read the City Paper article mentioned above for some clear-eyed, boots-on-the-ground recommendations for how Philly can maximize its potential as a sustainable city. I especially like Paul's point that the city is teeming with growing space for produce, space that we should start using as of yesterday (and of course the Orchard Project is involved in making that happen). Personally, I would have included some ways to wean the local populace off of a diet that continues to do more damage to the environment (global and regional) than almost anything else we do, but hey, this is no time for quibbles. Glover is looking at the big picture and deriving quick-bitten points full of pithy common sense. Let's hope the Mayor's Office is paying attention while they get ready to roll out the big Sustainability Plan!