The new Green Jobs is here!

I get as giddy as Steve Martin in The Jerk when the new Green Jobs Philly newsletter comes out, and though I don't throw a post up every time it does, this time I just had to alert readers who may have come along since we first pointed out this invaluable resource in mid-October. You can peruse it on the Web at or sign up to receive it via email, but either way Paul Glover's newsletter is a reliable treasure trove of info on what's going on right now in Philadelphia with anything related to the sustainable economy.

It was in this newsletter that I first heard of Van Jones, who was speaking at the Free Library, and I hoped to pop over there and try to get a quick audio interview with him for Earth to Philly. Sadly, events interfered with my attending, and now that Jones, the founder of Green for All, has been profiled in The New Yorker, it will probably be purt nigh impossible to get a media moment with him, so instead I'll just pass those links on to you (his book Green Collar Economy is reviewed in the latest Green Jobs Philly News). Meanwhile Philadelphians can all be thankful that we have someone as dedicated as Glover working to coordinate what will doubtless continue to be a huge and growing sector of our society. Green Jobs Philly - keep it coming!